Which foods can help prevent heart attack?

It’s a question we hear all the time when it comes to heart attack prevention, but few of us know which foods are actually beneficial for preventing heart attack.

According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, certain foods, like fruit and vegetables, are much more effective than others. 

It was this finding that led to the study’s authors looking at which foods were especially effective at preventing heart attacks. 

“There is growing evidence that the consumption of fruit and veg in moderation may reduce the risk of heart attack,” Dr. J. Andrew Sager, the study authors, told NBC News.

“This is important because we know that a high risk of stroke or heart attack is associated with high intakes of red and processed meat, processed meats, refined sugar, saturated fat, and other dietary factors.”

The research also suggests that people who eat these foods are also more likely to be overweight. 

The researchers say that there are many factors that could explain this.

“Many studies suggest that the type of fruit or vegetable eaten, as well as the amount of red or processed meat consumed, can have a direct influence on heart health,” Dr Sager said.

“We have shown that eating fruits and vegetables that contain less red meat, as opposed to more red meat consumption, may have a beneficial effect on the prevention of heart disease.”