When a state loses its Medicaid waiver, the feds can help.

National Review subscribers can now receive health improvement advice from their favorite conservatives, and the editors of the magazine’s daily paper are also getting an extra dose of politics.

This week, the editors are running a special edition of National Review Online entitled “Health Improvement Tips.”

In the article, editor-in-chief Erick Erickson and contributors Mike Allen and Jonathan Rauch offer readers an opportunity to get to know their fellow conservatives and their views on the most pressing health care issues.

The article includes the following:A list of Republican lawmakers and politicians on health care, with their positions on issues such as the opioid crisis, the ACA, and Medicaid.

A short description of the conservative health care agenda, and a list of conservative health experts.

The editors are asking readers to share their views by sending in their comments on social media and via the magazine email newsletter.

The editorial board also includes the occasional guest contributor.

For instance, a recent article on the opioid epidemic in Kentucky included a clip of Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), who was confirmed to be the next secretary of health and human services in Trump’s administration, describing how he’d like to “put the [emergency room] beds” in Kentucky’s hospitals.

“They’re not just empty, they’re full,” Price said.

“There are more beds there than the rest of the country.”

Other recent articles have included a look at the potential effects of the ACA on states’ budgets, as well as how the new administration might deal with the opioid addiction crisis.

And this week, it included a piece from conservative writer David French, who said the ACA is “the single greatest disaster to come upon our republic in over a century.”

The editorial team is not the only ones getting to know conservatives, however.

The magazine’s editor-at-large, Charles Krauthammer, is getting some of his best political writing from his friends at the American Enterprise Institute.

In an article titled “How to Make Friends with Trump Voters,” Krauthampersaid that he’s been impressed by the way Trump has become more willing to engage with Republicans on health issues, and said that the president is “in the right place on the issue of health care.”

The editors added that he has spoken with “a number of Republican leaders, and they are receptive to his position on Medicaid expansion, even though some of them are skeptical about it.”

Krauthamers comments echo what Trump told the New York Times in January, in which he said, “If I win, we’re going to have millions of new people in the country and they’re going out and signing up.”

He also told the Times that, “I want to have health insurance.

I don’t want it to be a free-for-all.

I want people to have it.

And I want them to be covered.”

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