Indian health officials announce a crackdown on cow dung to help control the coronavirus outbreak

Delhi, India — — Health officials in India announced Monday a crackdown to help stop the spread of the coronaxavirus that has killed thousands of people.

Officials said in a statement the government is targeting the illegal trade in cow dings and the sale of cow dyes.

The government is also imposing a ban on the sale and use of cow urine, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine and is a common ingredient in many traditional Chinese medicines, officials said.

A crackdown will be carried out by the National Health Services and the Environment Ministry, they added.

Authorities have been working for months to crack down on the illegal use of the cow dainties, including the sale, trade and sale of dyes from cow dairies and cow dongles.

Many people have reported the disease to authorities and the disease is spreading, officials have said.

The number of cases has now reached 7,828, according to the National Public Health Centre.

More than 9,000 people have been killed in India since March this year.

India’s Health Ministry said it will issue a report in three months on the progress made in controlling the coronacovirus, which has killed more than 7,000.