Why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders for president

I’m leaning towards voting for Sanders in 2016, and I think he will do a good job as president.

But I’m not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton.

And Sanders, who has shown no inclination to be a conventional centrist, is not a liberal or a liberal-leaning candidate.

He has no serious agenda for fixing the country’s economy.

He won’t be able to win a Democratic primary.

His platform will likely lead to more job losses.

And as a result, the stakes are high for my family, my kids, my friends and the entire country.

Sanders is a progressive who has made a commitment to a “political revolution.”

The question of how we will move forward is the real challenge.

And that is why I’m supporting Bernie Sanders.

It will be hard to find someone more qualified.

I’ve known Sanders since childhood, and as a lifelong Democrat, I’m a Sanders fan.

He understands how hard it is to win elections in this country, and he is passionate about making sure the system works for all Americans.

Sanders has been a champion for working people.

He’s fought for the middle class, and now he is fighting for working families as well.

His campaign has focused on economic fairness and universal health care.

He is a leader in reforming our broken campaign finance system.

And he has put forth a plan to end income inequality and fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage.

He also has made fighting climate change a top priority, which I am very proud of.

Sanders’ record speaks for itself.

He and I both believe that we need to transform our economy so that working families have a better future.

Sanders also has a record of championing social justice and fighting for civil rights for African Americans and Latinos.

I agree with many of the issues Sanders has taken a stand on, and we will continue to work together.

But he will not be able be president if he doesn’t start acting like the candidate he claims to be.

That is why he needs to take steps to do that.

As a candidate, Sanders promised to end the war on drugs.

I voted for him for that reason as well, because I believe that he is committed to ending mass incarceration and cracking down on money laundering.

I also believe that as president, he will work to rein in Wall Street.

And on issues of race, Sanders is fighting hard for racial justice, and has taken steps to help stop police violence and improve police relations with communities of color.

He promised to bring about racial justice and bring about the kinds of laws that protect Black and brown lives.

He will also bring about economic justice and invest in infrastructure and infrastructure investment.

But in my view, he has not been able to do these things.

Sanders does not have the experience to bring these policies to fruition.

And in many ways, Sanders’ campaign is not only failing to deliver on his promise, it is also failing to attract and mobilize enough Democratic primary voters to make up for the lack of enthusiasm among Sanders’ base.

And for this reason, I am backing Hillary Clinton for president.

If I’m wrong, Sanders will never win the presidency.

And while he is a champion of the working class and a supporter of the middle-class, I fear that Sanders is not prepared to tackle issues of social justice or racial justice that matter to voters.

The real challenge for the Democratic Party will be the prospect of losing a primary election and having to campaign as a progressive candidate.

It would be difficult for me to be optimistic about this race.

But the Democratic National Committee should be doing more than trying to make the election competitive.

Instead, the DNC should be encouraging candidates to run as progressives, and encouraging Sanders to do so as well — as long as it means that the Democratic candidates are going to win.

For example, the Sanders campaign should encourage him to run against Clinton.

If he does, he should also run against the Clinton campaign — a way to keep the Democrats focused on winning the general election and ensure that the party stays in power.

If Sanders can unite his supporters and his supporters’ concerns and unite the party behind him, the Democratic base will be better positioned to win the 2020 election.

And this will also allow Democrats to get the kind of economic reforms they need to make things right for working and middle- class families, and ensure a fairer, more inclusive future for our country.

I have been a supporter and admirer of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for years.

And I am hopeful that he will continue his progressive agenda in the White House.

I look forward to voting for him in the general.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton, and looking forward to seeing Bernie and his agenda succeed.

Joe Weisenthal is a political consultant, author and the former CEO of the centrist polling firm Hart Research.

He writes a monthly column for The American Prospect.

The views expressed in this commentary are his own.