When to call the doctor

From The Associated Press article By DAVID A. CLARYAP article SAN FRANCISCO — The NFL has been forced to clarify its decision to suspend the career of the league’s chief medical officer, who wrote an email to players saying the league had failed to act on its own recommendations on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

The NFL issued a statement late Monday saying it “does not condone Dr. Mark Sampson’s comments.”

The league said the email was an error and would not be made public.

The Associated Press is not naming the NFL because it did not receive a copy of the email.

The league did not respond to questions about the email when asked about it late Monday.

The emails were the latest blow to the league as it grapples with a crisis over the death of former NFL star John Lynch, who died in 2015 after suffering from CTE, the degenerative brain disease.

Lynch played for the Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins before retiring in 2015.

He played on the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts.

He was one of only two players in NFL history to be arrested twice for the same crime, for murder and armed robbery.

The email, published on the NFL’s website late Monday, was a reaction to a Sept. 1 letter Sampson wrote to NFL owners, league officials and players calling for the league to take steps to address the rising incidence of CTE in the league.

The league had suspended Sampson in January for his handling of the NFLPA’s CTE task force and the league suspended him in June for failing to disclose his own financial interest in a company with ties to former NFL player and CTE researcher Dr. James Andrews.

Sampson also failed to report his financial interests in an investment company that is owned by the family of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and the letter said Sampson “failed to adequately disclose” that he had a conflict of interest.

Sampsons resignation came after the NFL began a review of all aspects of the CTE issue after Lynch’s death.

The review, including a review by the NFL, was ordered by the Justice Department last year after the death.