Anik Health: “Your blood is the future of the game”

The developers behind Anik’s latest video game, Bloodborne, are hoping that players will see that their blood is more valuable than gold.

Bloodborne, which is due out on November 22, has players taking on the role of protagonist Kratos, the titular character of the original Bloodborne.

As the story goes, Kratosis parents have taken their son into the dark depths of the world and are forced to fight to save him from an undead army.

The first Bloodborne video game launched in 2016 and was praised for its open world and storytelling elements.

The developer also revealed that players can choose between a character named Krato or an unnamed female character named Nissa, and the developer says the player can change their character’s blood type and gender.

“Your blood will be the future,” the Anik developer said.

“You are the hero of the story, and you will be rewarded for it.”

While the developers have previously said that players would earn their Bloodborne character’s gender, the developers are sticking to their guns on the gender and blood type.

“Bloodborne is the story of your blood,” the developer said in a post on its Twitter account.

“It will determine the fate of the characters and their story.

You will have a choice of two types: male or female.

In your character’s profile, you will see the information about their gender and Blood type.

For instance, if you are a male, you may have a Blood type of A. If you are female, you might have a blood type of B. So, if a player has a Bloodtype B, they are a hero.

If they have a female Blood type, they might have an unknown blood type.”

Anik Health has yet to reveal a release date for Bloodborne and the game is expected to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 20.