What you need to know about the ‘anti-bullying’ law in Kerala

KERALA: The Kerala government has issued guidelines to ensure that every citizen is free from discrimination, which is an integral part of the state’s Anti-Bullying and Harassment Act.

In its latest edition of the ‘State of the State’ report, the Kerala government said it will soon publish the draft guidelines for this purpose.

The law also requires all teachers, principals, principals and employees of schools, colleges and universities to take measures to protect students from discrimination.

The state government will ensure that no student or teacher may be discriminated against on the grounds of religion, caste, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, pregnancy, pregnancy termination or birth, gender identity, marital or parental status, race, creed, disability, political opinion or other grounds.

The Kerala government also plans to make the Education Department of Kerala, where teachers are appointed, the authority for enforcing this law.

It will also make the ministry of education a statutory body for enforcement of the law.

The State of the City report also mentioned the need to ensure the “integrity and transparency” of the Civil Registration Office and the Civil Registry Office.

The State of Kerala also plans a scheme to monitor the implementation of the Anti-Discrimination Act, 2019.