Irish parents pay $40 a week for free medical care

A family in Co Mayo is paying just $40 each month to their GP for free, as part of a campaign by the Irish Medical Association.

The GP is also required to sign a contract agreeing to give the family access to the GP for up to six months.

The annual fee for this service is €8, but the GP is exempt from paying the annual fee if they decide to pay it on a case-by-case basis.GPs in Co Meath are also required by law to charge for their services and a GP in Co Galway is also not allowed to charge.

The family in the Co Mayo case, who are paying just €15 a month for free treatment, are trying to take the GP out of the loop by bringing a case against them in the High Court.

The couple say they need the treatment to treat their children with cerebral palsy and are concerned that the GP may not be able to provide the care they need.

The case will be heard on January 18th and a ruling could be issued within a month.

Irish Independent