Turmeric: Health tips for athletes

Turmeric is a compound found in turmeric and is used in the spice mix used in a variety of foods.

It is also used in traditional medicine, and has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries.

Now it is the focus of research to see if it is safe to use for muscle soreness and other health issues.

“I’m going to be using this in the future,” said Mark Loughrey, a coach and founder of the Strength Sports Training Institute in New York City.

“It’s just been a mystery for a long time.

I know there are some people who do take it, but I think it’s really hard to tell.”

Dr. Stephen Hwang, a professor of medicine at the University of Florida, said that turmeric has been shown to increase endurance and endurance-related muscle growth.

“There are a lot of athletes who use it to increase their performance, and it’s been used for years to boost performance in endurance events, especially in marathons,” he said.

But Turmeric also can cause heart problems.

Dr. Hwang said it was not known how much of a difference Turmeric has on heart disease.

“Turmeric is considered to be a heart health substance, but there are studies that have looked at the effects of turmeric on the heart, and not a lot is known about that,” he told ABC News.

“This has never been a very well-studied compound.”

Dr Hwang noted that the study he was referring to was just one of many looking at Turmeric for health benefits.

“The research is very limited, and there are no studies that are available to compare it to traditional supplements, like coffee, tea or the other herbs we’re talking about,” he added.

“We need more research.”

Dr Loughry, the trainer, added that his research will focus on two different types of pain.

“One, it’s an inflammatory pain that can be caused by injuries or trauma,” he explained.

“And then there’s also chronic pain where you’re going through a lot and can’t relax, and then you’ll be really tired.

So I think those are the two types of symptoms that you need to look at.”

For now, Turmeric remains a safe and effective supplement, and people with certain health conditions can get a little boost with it, according to Dr Hahn.

“What I’m doing with Turmeric in my body is using it as a supplement to help with inflammation, and I’m also using it to help me with muscle sore in the legs,” he shared.

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