Which is better for you? Health tips from a summer health expert

A recent Gallup poll showed that Americans are far more likely to agree with the statement “The summer is the best time to get a new haircut.”

However, a new study out of Harvard University has found that Americans who enjoy the most “beauty in the summer” actually prefer a shorter haircut than those who enjoy less.

The Harvard researchers surveyed 2,000 adults and found that while a majority of respondents prefer shorter haircuts, only a minority of those surveyed favored longer.

The research also found that those who have a preference for shorter haircutting prefer to shave their beards in the morning rather than the evening, and those who prefer shorter hair tend to prefer it when they’re sleeping.

It’s a topic that has been a contentious one for years, and this latest study seems to show that Americans tend to be a little more nuanced about what they want to do for their own health, which could ultimately make a difference.

It might also be worth noting that the Harvard researchers also found some interesting insights into what they found in the survey.

The majority of Americans who enjoyed the most summer health were men, and they tended to say that shorter haircuttons were “better for my health,” compared to women who enjoyed more “beautiful” summer hair.

That said, it’s important to note that these findings don’t necessarily mean that shorter hair is always better, or that it’s the most healthy thing to do.

It could just mean that those people who enjoy having a longer, more manageable haircut prefer to go with a shorter cut.