The Cat Whisperer: How to Spot a Bad Cat

How do you spot a bad cat?

I don’t know about you, but I have a hunch that you’ve spotted a bad one.

The bad cat is the cat that just won’t go away.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try and catch one yourself, but you’d better do it with the best of intentions.

That’s because, while bad cats are generally dangerous, they’re also highly treatable.

In fact, according to Cat Health Tips, bad cats don’t have to be killed for you to treat them.

Here are 10 cat health secrets.


Cat’s ears are not a big deal When you think of cat ears, you probably think of a huge, heavy, metallic, or sharp-edged object.

That is not the case.

Cats are actually pretty soft-looking.

The most common cause of cat ear loss is to a cat’s head.

When the cat’s nose touches a surface, it may become soft.

That means the cat can easily fall into the trap.

And once a cat falls into a trap, they often don’t notice that they’ve fallen into it, because they have no idea that their ears are in danger.


Cat ears are a bit of a hassle to remove Cats’ ears are actually a little tricky to remove, but there are some tips that you can use to make sure you don’t damage the delicate ears.

Tip #1: Get your cat’s ears trimmed The first thing you should do is make sure your cat has a clean cut.

Cat owners should make sure that their cats ears are cleaned every time they groom their pets.

You can always do this yourself by brushing the hair off.

2) Avoid combing the hair in the front of your cat You’re not the only one who can use a comb to comb the hair of a cat.

Some people also use their hands and some even use a scalpel.

Don’t let these unnecessary and dangerous activities distract your cat from the most important task of their day: grooming your pet.

3) If you can, try to get your cat to sit for a short period Before your cat gets up, he should be in a relaxed position and be able to keep his head in the same position.

If you need your cat a bit more upright, it’s always a good idea to try to move your cat into a more upright position, or move him in a different position.

4) If your cat is not a good cat eater, you can try to keep him away from the food source While cats have no problem eating the food they are given, they do not have the same tolerance for it.

If your pet is eating the right food, they won’t take it very well.

The cat you have will always be a bit curious, but will only eat if you let him.

5) If food is not being provided, make sure the food is fresh You can make your own cat food if your cat can’t get enough of it.

Here’s how: Fill a small bowl with water and let your cat drink from it for a few minutes.

Then add a small amount of fresh cat food into the bowl.

Add the food to your cat, and feed it to him.

You should be able for your cat now to get up and eat from the bowl if you’re not feeding him fresh food every day.

If not, you should make a habit of giving your cat food every two weeks.

6) Use a cat food box to keep your cat in check When you have a cat, it can be difficult to keep track of his movements.

When he gets too tired, it could be difficult for him to take care of himself.

That could be especially problematic if you live with your cat.

However, cats do have the ability to learn and adapt to their environment.

In that sense, it makes sense to keep their food in the box.

So, instead of just giving your pet a food bowl every two days, make a special food tray for your pet so that he can easily take a break from the bowls you give him.

7) Keep your cat indoors if you don´t have to You may not want to keep a cat indoors, but keeping a cat in your house can be a challenge.

You don’t want your cat roaming around the house and you want to be able control his activities.

That makes sense, because cats are very territorial.

If one of your cats wants to get away, you have to take him to the vet and get him vaccinated.

You also don’t always have the resources to take your cat outside.

You could try keeping your cat inside, but that can also be challenging.

8) Never let your pet play outdoors You may be thinking that your cat would be more comfortable indoors than outside, but it’s true that cats don´ts do well outside.

They are very timid animals.

Cats also have very short and sharp claws, so you’ll need to be very careful around them.

9) Always wear