Fox News Health: ‘Your heart will stop’ if you take too many medications

Fox News’ medical coverage continues to expand across the digital age, and we’re getting more information from our doctors about how you can prevent heart disease and stroke.

Here are some of our favorite health tips and facts from the Fox News app.

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The Fox News health app also has a “You are the Source” section that shows doctors and other health experts sharing their medical experiences.

We’ve seen doctors share their personal stories and insights, too, like the doctor who saved her husband’s life after a recent heart attack by using her heart to stop the bleeding in her left ventricle and the mother of three who helped her son stop a severe bout of asthma when she used her chest compressions to help him breathe.

Fox News is a part of Time Warner Cable and Comcast, and they also have their own health app that lets users track their blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and sleep habits.