Why is your Google search for “exam” so hard?

The search term “exams” is no longer in the top 20 most searched terms on Google, the company said on Monday, a result of Google’s push to improve search rankings.

The search engine’s top spot has long been in the hands of search giant Bing.

But the news was welcomed by the medical community.

Exams is an incredibly important and important part of our healthcare, Dr. William Rees, chief medical officer of the American Academy of Family Physicians, told ABC News.

“The time is now to re-educate and re-engage the American public,” Rees said.

“If we do not, we will continue to see the healthcare system crumble.”

Google did not say when the change occurred.

Google said it is “actively working” with Google News to improve its search algorithm and that it is adding “top search” and “top topics” as well as other information to its search results.

Google is not the only company to change its search terms.

Yahoo, which owns Yahoo!

Inc., said last year that it would no longer use “examples” in its search, but Google will now use “evidence” instead.

Google did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.ABC News’ Alexia Hahn contributed to this report.