Which health tips can you use to avoid catching the flu?

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a flu vaccine may be more effective in preventing the flu than a daily nasal spray.

The study found that using a flu shot on a daily basis in the first few days of the flu could prevent a person from catching the virus.

A flu shot in the US cost between $250 and $300.

A nasal spray cost between about $10 and $25.

The cost of the nasal spray was between $10.40 and $18.50.

It is worth noting that the flu vaccine is currently available only in the UK, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

However, in the United States, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a nasal spray vaccine, called Humira, that costs between $100 and $150.

A similar vaccine is available for children aged 2 to 17 in the Netherlands.

What is the flu season?

A flu season can be as short as one week in most parts of the world.

The influenza season typically runs from March through October.

The flu season lasts for four to six weeks in some parts of Asia, from March to May, and from June to October.

However in some regions of Asia and Australia, the flu seasons can last longer, between four to seven weeks, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The flu virus is passed through the nose and into the body through the nasal passages of people who are already sick.

The virus can also enter the body from the mouth.

In the United Kingdom, flu season peaks in mid-March.

The CDC advises that people who have not had symptoms of flu should avoid contact with others who have been ill.

However people who do have symptoms of the virus should still seek medical attention if they suspect they have been infected with the virus, and should avoid sharing the same room or house with others for up to two weeks.

The UK is a country with a long history of flu pandemic, which means there are many different strains of the H3N2 virus, which are responsible for the majority of flu cases.

Some of the most common strains of H3Ns have already been reported to have been found in China.

However H3NP strains are also present in the Americas and Europe.

The most common H3n2 strains in the European countries are the West African and Middle Eastern strains, which were isolated from the West Africa virus in 2010.

In Asia, the most commonly-infected strains are the H7N9 and H9N2 viruses, which can be found in India and Indonesia.

The H7NP strain is found in most of China and most of the Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

The last major strain of H7, the H8N9 strain, was isolated in Japan in 2011.

In some regions, the pandemic has also been reported in South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.

It has been reported that the H2N2 strain has also spread to other countries.

In Japan, the government has announced that it will start vaccinating people over the age of 65 with a new strain, the HA7N2, which is resistant to the H1N1 virus.

It was discovered that a person could get a higher risk of getting the H5N1 strain of the disease by sharing a room with others, according the Japan Times.

Other countries with the H9NP strain have reported cases of the pandemics H5NP and H7H8.

The US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa are among the countries that are now looking at ways to try and control the spread of the new strain.

Influenza experts believe that this strain will be more dangerous than the HNP.

This strain has already been linked to the most severe coronavirus (HCV) pandemic in history, the 1918 pandemic.

It also has a higher mortality rate.

However the new strains will not be able to replicate as easily as the H4N1, H3, H4NP and P2 variants.

The new strains also have a higher rate of resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine, and it is not known how long the pandemia will last.

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