Diabetes diagnosis in U.S. may be underreported: CDC

U.N. experts say the United States may be underestimating the prevalence of type 2 diabetes and overestimating the number of people with it.

The World Health Organization said on Monday it’s the first time it has measured the prevalence and estimated the burden of the disease in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Italy.

Diabetes is the most common chronic disease, affecting 2.4 million people worldwide, according to the U.K.’s National Health Service.

The WHO’s report, published online in the journal PLOS One, also said the United Nations recently launched a national database that would allow governments and private organizations to track and report diabetes prevalence, with data coming from a wide variety of sources, including the World Health Organisation.

A total of 11 million people in the U, U.A.E., U.C.A., and U.L.

A have diabetes, according the WHO, but the number is still underestimated, the report said.

In the United Kingdoms, the prevalence is estimated at 0.5 percent.

The report said that number could be higher in parts of the United states where the prevalence remains underreported, and that the number may be even higher than in the states that have a higher rate of prevalence.

In Britain, the estimated prevalence is 1.1 percent, which would put it at the 5 percent level.

The United Arab Emirate and Italy have similar estimates.

The prevalence of diabetes is estimated to be 1.3 percent in the Netherlands, 1.5 in Germany, 2 percent in France, 3 percent in Switzerland, 4 percent in Spain, 5 percent in Italy, and 6 percent in Greece.

The global prevalence of the condition is estimated by the World Bank at 5.5 and 6.9 percent, respectively.

In a statement, the U and UA.

Es said they are committed to improving the number and percentage of people who have diabetes and working together to address its root causes.

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