Why your genitals are your own worst enemy

You’re probably familiar with the term “vaginal health.”

But are you aware of the other side of the coin?

The vagina is not only the “crown jewel” of your genitals.

It’s the seat of your emotions.

And it’s your life’s most vulnerable, fragile and fragile self.

For the most part, it’s not that the vagina is the most dangerous part of your body.

But when you’re sexually assaulted, your vagina can be the “meat of the animal,” said Dr. Michelle Anderson, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

“When you’re assaulted, the vagina can become the most powerful weapon in your assault,” she said.

“It’s a weapon that you can use to hurt someone else.”

It’s not just the vagina that can be vulnerable.

Vaginal health is an area that many women of color and trans women are grappling with, Anderson said.

This means it’s important to make sure your vulva is treated as such, and to make the decision to remove any genital tissue that may be harmful to your health.

It also means it is crucial to treat the vagina in conjunction with a range of other health care providers.

“It’s absolutely critical to have health care and sexual health services for the vagina, regardless of race or gender,” Anderson said, adding that this is also true of men’s and women’s health.

Asking the right questions about your vaginas health can also help you understand how your body can become more vulnerable to infection.

“I think a lot of people don’t ask the right kinds of questions,” said Anderson.

If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable or unsure about your vaginal health, you can reach out to a trusted health care provider who can talk to you and help you better understand your options and potential risks.

“Ask the right kind of questions, and talk about what you’re experiencing, because if you don’t understand the context of your experience, you may not have a sense of how to best navigate it,” Anderson added.

To find a trusted provider who specializes in vaginal health care, visit the Mayo Clinic.

For more on sexual assault and sexual assault prevention, visit this Mayo Clinic guide.

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