How to prevent a ‘blackout’ with the iPhone 6 Plus

Apple finally gave us an official “blackout” warning for its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones.

But the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6S have not suffered the same fate.

The “blackouts” are a new feature that Apple added to its iPhone app last week, and are designed to help people who are experiencing technical difficulties with their devices.

Apple said it is using the feature to warn users when their iPhone’s battery is down, and to give users the option to “turn off” the iPhone’s display to conserve power.

But there is one major problem with this method.

When an iPhone loses power, the phone’s display remains on and the battery can drain for some time before it fully charges.

This is because it is still powered by the iPhone.

So it takes time for the iPhone to regain power.

Apple said in a statement that the feature does not work if the iPhone is charging from a USB cable, and that it does not affect the phone if the phone is powered by an external battery.

But a quick look at the iPhone website revealed that this feature does work.

The app, called “Blackouts” allows users to toggle between the iPhone display on and off, which allows the phone to maintain its functionality.

The iPhone’s blackout warning is still there.

The only difference is that the iPhone no longer appears to be on during the blackout.

The iPhone 6S and 6s Plus are the first phones to receive the feature.

The new feature is not intended to be a way to temporarily halt the iPhone from charging, according to Apple.

Rather, it is designed to be used for emergency use in situations when battery life is at risk, such as when a phone’s battery has fallen below a certain percentage.

The company said it would continue to support its phones as long as they are “fully charged,” even when they are on a charger.

Apple says that the new feature “is not intended for use in a blackout, and should only be used in emergencies.”

But it’s not clear if users should be worried about their devices being completely drained during the blackout.

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