When Diwali: Are you ready to make the most of the new season?

Diwala is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start planning for what’s to come.

As India gears up to celebrate its grand dame of India, what’s in store for your health?

Read moreDiwali, or the Diwalee festival of lights, marks the end of summer, when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius and the skies turn red with a blue-orange glow.

As part of this time, many traditional foods are served to help us feel better, including some that are not normally eaten during the winter.

Food, drinks, sweets and sweets made from fresh ingredients can help our bodies stay hydrated and help us fight off the common cold.

It’s also great for boosting our energy levels and keeping us fit.

The festival is celebrated with a series of rituals, which include eating some of the more traditional foods and getting out for some activities such as dancing, reading poetry, and playing traditional games.

However, some foods can also help in fighting off the flu.

As the summer season gets underway, you can check out some of our tips for enjoying Diwalas delicious foods.

You can find more tips and advice on how to prepare and enjoy Diwales speciality foods in our article on How to Eat Diwals speciality food.

Diwala can be eaten on the day of Diwalia or even during the festival itself, but in some parts of the country, it’s best to opt for a day where the weather is more temperate.

If you prefer not to partake in Diwalyas traditional foods, you might want to check out our list of foods that you can eat during Diwalingas festivals.

There are so many different foods that can be enjoyed during Diwanas festivals, so check out these food suggestions.

If you are looking for some other fun and healthy foods to get you through DiwALas summer, we have got a list of some of them.

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